Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Enjoy this information and comment freely with us here with The Pro DJ Team.  We blog about our analysis of 1,100 weddings, parties & corporate functions performed!  What have we learned about customers such as brides, mother of the brides and mom's hiring dj's for their children's birthday celebration?  First, we notice the difference if they were referred to us by a happy customer or "cold" market like a customer Internet search.  It seems exciting taking on new business from a client who used the search term, Los Angeles wedding DJ, in a google bar.  What's more thrilling is when a potential customer specifically is looking for a fun DJ or wedding DJ.  Sometimes customers go to google and type in, DJ in la, only to find an overwhelming search result. When our customer sees our DJ services in person like a Bar Mitzvah, Wedding or other private function, well they know what they are getting. Most importantly a trust is already formed and the event gets booked much more efficiently.  So, hence the world of warm market vs. cold market.  The cold market has 10 times the potential but 5 times more effort to win over the customer while the referral     is far cheaper with only a fraction of the profit.  If only we could spend less time winning over new customers ratio the expense:-)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hungover Bride and Groom, Nausea during Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies should begin without the bride and groom being hungover from the night before.  Otherwise, the couple completely looks angry or lost with emotion.  Does this sound obvious?  It happens about once every few years.

Young folks, fresh out of college with a chip on their shoulder get engaged for the better but as for a very small handful, "saving face" and "going through with it" is the battle cry the night before the ceremony and a full-on drink fest of "yes, I did it!" mentality takes over to rationalize getting smashed.  The "yes, I did it" referring to the ceremony rehearsal.

With only weeks before the wedding date, these souls who found out only after spending thousands, that maybe they were not ready but couldn't get the voices out of their head.  The voices, comments and negative advice from family, friend and foe discouraging them not to get married.  In some cases, hearing "you can't pull it off" or "you can't do it". They were in too deep and nonetheless bound by their leadership and reputation of not being quitters.  Perhaps even the mind set of "I'll show you".   Remember Jerry McGuire?

What would you do?  Would you cancel everything and lose all your vendor deposits?  Are you in the know if you are really in love versus being in love with getting married?  It's common for any bride to doodle her new last name repeatedly for months after he "pops" the question.

In the fog of love, there is a war among our drive for happiness.  Sometimes the sense of completeness and fulfillment come from proving to others what we can or can not achieve.  However, deciding to get married is not an accomplishment.  Anyone with a drivers license and a willing partner can get married.  What makes a wedding ceremony and reception very special is the family, friends and a loving couple bound by their true spirit.  This, everybody can feel, see and believe in order to celebrate at your reception.  You can't fake a hangover if you are really hungover. -  The Pro Dj Team

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What a Year!

It's time to party!  At least for those who need it.  Have you ever gone to the grocery store, walked in and looked at the registers and said "yes, there are no lines; nobody here".  So, you go get a few things and not 10 min later you walk up to the check-out line and WOW!!!  All of a sudden there are long lines.  How does this happen.  Is it because of the TV programming?  Is it a rhythm of sort connected to daily routines?

Well, here at The Pro Dj Team, the exact same thing happens but through out the seasons; Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer.  It seems like out of nowhere we get stacked up with emails, phones calls etc. etc. all on the same two week period corresponding to each season.

We don't mind at all, business is business.